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Skillshare Classes

If you want something a little more in depth and structured for your creative learning consider checking out our Skillshare classes below.

Kai Creative Animated 2021 CV YT PIC.jpg

I made my original Animated CV way back in 2015 and so far people all over the world have watched it nearly 90,000 times and it has over 100,000 minutes of watch time on it (that's like 70 days) ! 

Every week I get emails, texts and messages on social media from people in all professions asking me how I made mine and how they can create their own! 

This class will help you do just that! 

Create your very own animated CV! 

I will break down the process of how I took my boring old white paper, with lots of text CV, to a fully animated story driven production, that got me the job I'm in currently, as well as a number of freelance clients as well!

I explain the four main basic techniques that I used in After Effects to create my 2D animated CV, to highlight my background, skills and education in an interesting and captivating way. 

Fire and Aura effects in After Effects Skillshare thumbnail 2.jpg

In this class we are going to show you how you can use After Effects and a free plug-in called Saber to create fire and aura visual effects that can really enhance your special effects videos.

YT thumbnail Rocket Girl DEC 2020.jpg

Use the tips and principles that you learn in this class to help guide you in making your own resource short film.

Have a look around to see what you can use right now, where you have access to and who can help you out and start to create a story around those elements, create a script and storyboard and get creative to make at least a 1 minute short film.

Post it up and share it with me and the community. In particular I want to know what challenges you faced and how you overcame them. 

I look forward to seeing what you create! 


In this class I break down the Top 5 questions that I get asked by beginner photographers namely, how do I get a blurry background, how can I freeze movement, how do you do create cool photos with lights (long exposure photography, how can I do a burst of photos (continuous shooting) and what are RAW images and how do I use them?

This is a super quick class, where I cut straight to the point. 

I mainly use Canon cameras to demonstrate what I'm talking about, but these principles can easily be translated over to your camera, and if you're uncertain of have a question feel free to let me know! 

I really look forward to jumping into this class with you and hope it helps inspire your photography journey

Audiio Review THumbnail_3.jpg

In this class we will be looking at how to create Cinematic Video with the popular Canon M50 camera - but all the advice, tips and principles in this class apply to any camera. 

We will cover, setting up your camera, how to shoot in manual mode, we’ll talk about Frame rates, shutter speed, ISO, pictures styles and depth of field,

We’ll talk about kit, Lenses, ND filters, gimbals, sliders and we’ll also jump into Premiere Pro to discuss points for your editing. 

Premiere Pro Skillshare Class Thumbnail.jpg

This is the perfect little class to help you get started on your Premiere Pro editing journey!

The points that we cover include: 

  1.  How to split a clip

  2.  How to reverse a clip

  3. How to crop video 

  4. How to change the aspect ratio

  5. How to slow down a clip 

  6. How to add text 

  7. How to rotate video 

  8. How to fade audio  

  9. How to render 

  10. How to export mp4

After finishing this class you will have the knowledge and know-how for the most requested How-to’s in Premiere Pro, hopefully helping you to get upto speed with your video editing.

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